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Dhaivat Jani is a Toronto-based award-winning drummer/tabla player and composer. Originating from Ahmedabad, India, Dhaivat commenced his musical journey at age 5, delving into Indian classical music with a focus on the tabla. He achieved tabla Visharad at 16 with three gold medals. A recent graduate from Humber College with a Bachelor of Music, Dhaivat has been calling Toronto his home since late 2018.  


In 2023, Dhaivat made waves with his debut album "Sum // Parts," which was released with his seven-piece contemporary jazz ensemble, 'Dhaivat Jani PLUS.' The album received praise from esteemed publications such as All About Jazz, Paris Move, and Jazz.FM91, among others. 


Beyond his roles as a bandleader, Dhaivat’s adaptability shines as he collaborates as a sideman with various artists, seamlessly transitioning between drums and tabla. His musical contributions extend far and wide, which is evident in his involvement in multiple cross-genre performances and recordings as a performer and producer. His recent musical collaborations include his work with Pat LaBarbera, Hamid Motebassem, Kiran Ahluwalia, Roberto Occhipinti, Rez Abbasi, Mike Downes, Adam Rudolph, and many more.  


One of the recent standout collaborations in Dhaivat's career is "Transmigrations," a project conceptualized and executed in collaboration with software artist Ryan Kelln. This innovative endeavor, showcased at the Provocation Ideas Festival, delved into the history of technological transformation, the essence of intelligence, and the recent revolution in generative AI tools through art.


In 2021, Dhaivat was honored with the Nuit Blanche Fellowship, followed by the Intercultural & Creative Music Fellowship with the Aga Khan Museum in 2022, both facilitated by Humber College's Centre for Creative Business Innovation. Other than these, throughout his career, Dhaivat has received numerous scholarships and awards, such as the CCRT Scholarship from the Government of India, the International Student Award for Excellence, the Yamaha Music Canada Ltd. Award, and the Jazz.FM 91 Award, among many others. 


His vision is to push the creative boundaries by interweaving across various art forms, keeping music at its core.


Suyun Kim Memorial Award - April 2022

Jazz.FM 91 Award  - June 2021

Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. Award - April 2021


Merriam School for Music Award - May 2020

International Student Award for Excelence - April 2019

Three Gold Medals for Tabla Visharad - August 2008


CCRT Scholarship by the Government of India - October 2004

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