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Sum//Parts is a journey into new explorations, a form of play, poetry, and storytelling
that creates artistic innovation. Dhaivat Jani opens doors for us, and we eagerly enter,
as everything is designed to make us feel comfortable. Here, blending genres is the
norm. If you love jazz, travels, and new experiences, you will succumb to the charm of
this album, which naturally earns its place among the “Essentials".


                                                                                                                                Thierry De Clemensat – Paris Move

The album is nicely arranged and produced, with the disparate influences and styles
combined into a cohesive and compelling statement.


 Dan McClenaghan – All About Jazz

… an extraordinary voyage of sound and rhythm. Highly recommended!

James A. Cox – Midwest Book Review

An excellent albeit challenging release with innovative music from a

slightly different musical sphere than those we normally know.

Niels Christensen - Jazz Special

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